Monique's Work

Monique Kristofors paintings, bring different aspects of and dimensions of being to the canvas. They reflect the universality of human, experience, emotions, and soul. Her work is unique, one of a kind. She does not paint in just one genre, she combines or shifts from abstraction, to impressionistic, to figurative, to realistic. Her passion for life, and desire to bring human experience to the canvas, evoke a response in the viewer that touches their soul.

Artist Statement

My paintings are my soul’s artistic expression of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. They reflect how I see the world at any given moment and stage of my life’s journey.  Painting for me is therefore a type of living journal.   I want to create a canvas of experiences and emotions that I believe we share. Irrespective of our race, nationality, culture political views, sex, or orientation. I want my paintings to connect with the viewer, but most importantly to touch their heart and soul.


Monique, The Artist

Born in Malaucene France and raised in Madrid Spain. Monique attended school at a Spanish Convent until age 15. It was at this time that she emigrated with her family to the United States and became an American Citizen.  Her unique style is self-taught, while being inspired by world class artists such as Picasso.  She now lives in Sedona Arizona where she is fully devoted to her artistic expression.   Surrounded by the beauty of Sedona she has begun to incorporate realism in her paintings while continuing her abstract flare.  Her process is founded on creating art that reflects human feelings  and experiences that connect with the person's heart and touch the soul.